I'm Kevin Kaminski, Founder and Coach at Wise Owl Coaching LLC. I'm a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. Before becoming I coach, I spent 20+ years in the tech industry working my way up the corporate ladder from software developer to Director of Engineering. I've worked for companies ranging from startups to a well-known national brand. I've experienced many of the challenges first-hand that my clients have!

  • Surviving an abrupt layoff and using it as an opportunity to pivot to something better
  • Stepping up to lead and assume more responsibilities during times of change
  • Being under the constant eye, scrutiny, and criticism of a micromanaging boss
  • Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job
  • Leading and empowering my staff to thrive during periods of change
  • Feeling anxious and stressed due to poor work-life balance

Despite those challenges, I accomplished great things in my career like:

  • Effectively leading new and existing teams through a major company acquisition (not to mention countless re-organizations!)
  • Recreating an entire department with new processes and procedures
  • Creating and implementing an internal committee to improve employee morale
  • Transforming a department of individual contributors into confident team leaders

But what I'm most proud of are all the times I helped team members overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and find their success. In corporate America, my passion grew for coaching people and departments and investing in their growth. That passion for helping people led me to launch on my coaching business, Wise Owl Coaching LLC.

As a coach, I'm here to help you get clear about what you want in your professional and personal life. I'll provide an outside, unbiased perspective that will allow you to go beyond what you can see yourself. We will get to work on uncovering what is holding you back and mapping out a plan that will lead you to living a life of authenticity, joy, and fulfillment.


  • Certified Coach from Coach Training Alliance, an International Coach Federation (ICF)-approved program taught by an ICF Master Certified Coach
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), committed to ongoing coach education and adhering to a Code of Ethics as a coach
  • Previous career in the tech industry for over 20 years with the last 10 in multiple leadership positions
  • Used a "coach approach" in my management of employees in the corporate world
  • Warm, empathetic, and understanding -- but I'll challenge your assumptions, make observations, and push you to achieve more
  • Based in Indianapolis, Indiana working with clients across the US
  • Multiple testimonials from clients (see Testimonials page)